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DIN3352 Socket End Resilient Seated gate valves-AOGV03

AVANNTO AOGV03 Socket end gate valves were particularly designed and surface of rubber covered flashboard has reliable performance. The valve has small torque of opening and closing and easy to operate or maintain. For there is no groove under pipeline of the valve that lowers the flow resistance in it and eliminates the damage of impurity depositing in valve, improving the service life of the valve. Product Application AVANNTO AOGV03 Socket end gate valves is rubber lined wedge for enhencing sealing by the rubber's resilient deformation. Non-rising resilient seated gate valves solve the problem in general gate valves such as leakage, rusting etc. and saves installation space. It is used widely in tap water industry, sewage treatment, shipping construction, petroleum, chemicals, food, pharmacy, textile, electric power, metallurgy and energy system's pipeline to adjust and shut off fluids. AVANNTO AOGV03 Socket end gate valves used for pvc pipeline
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AOGV03 are resilient seated gate valves with socket end, made of ductile iron, manufactured in accordance with severe product norms and relevant norms, and in conformity to EN ISO 9001; This valve is suitable for heating and conditioning (HVAC), water treatment and water distribution, waste water, industrial applications, agricultural purposes.

Also available with NBR coated soft seat suitable for sewage.
(Please ensure the choice of the corresponding item) They allow the fitting of an ISO 5211 adaptor kit for a wide range of actuators to be fitted.
Available: actuators, iso 5211 flanges kit, stem extension, indicator position, square cap. In accordance with PED directive certified.

NO: for steam, for chocking and regulation of the flow.
Not suitable for fluids containing oils and hydrocarbons.


Body Materials: Ductile Iron

Wedge Materials: Ductile Iron

Stem Materials: Stainless Steel 420

Rubber Materials: EPDM,BUNA-N(NBR& Nitrile),

Applications: Potable Water, Wastewater, HVAC, Irrigation, Metallurgy, Power Generation, Marine, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Bulk Solids, Mining, Food & Beverage


Nominal diameter:

DN 50 - DN 600



EN 558-1 Series 14


Flange accommodation:

EN 1092 PN10/PN16


Temperature range:

-10 °C to + 85°C (depending on pressure, medium and material)

Max. Operating pressure:


max. 16 bar

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