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Agents and dealers

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The purpose that AVANNTO authorizes dealers and agents to joint us

AVANNTO wants to develop a group of distributors and agents based on first-class international brands, first-class technology, first-class product quality, competitive prices and market policy. We will help dealers and agents to achieve greater market volume, sustainable development and the consolidation of new and old customers and markets, and gain greater benefit. 


AVANNTO supports for dealers and agents


Quality first, customer first.

Providing test and qualification documents for industry and systems applications.

Providing bidding services, as well as technical advice. 

Relying on market's image promotion, attracting customers and enhance the impression of agents and dealers.

For specific industry or special projects, AVANNTO will participation in help dealers and agents to sign contact.

Providing the most economical, effective and reliable products. Guaranteeing the application of products is reasonable, effective and secure.

Providing technical services, after sales service.

Providing customers with other related products and technology, helping agents, dealers and customers to solve purchasing and technical challenges, providing a whole series of services.

For the dealers and agents who accesses to certain market effects, AVANNTO will supply greater incentives and policy support.


Conditions and requirements for dealers and agents


Good credit strength, individuals or enterprises that can bear civil liabilities independently

Has economic strength and technological forces, has its own operating entities, as well as sales ability.

Has experience of valves, fittings and actuators. Holding business resources, and with a certain degree of accumulation of market and customers resources.

Has a certain degree of after-sales service and strong market expansion capacities.

The company understands and accepts the agreement and requirements of dealers and agents.


Become dealers and agents


The dealer: Obtaining distribution rights in designated areas, in the form of authorized distribution functions. This is standing mandate.

Agents: Obtaining distribution rights in designated industry, this is short-term mandates.

Other cooperative could be considered and negotiated.

For details of dealers and agents policies, please contact to us.

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