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AVANNTO operates a fleet of automated manufacturing facilities, specialized in green casting, mechanical processing, and assembling.


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1. Strict QC System
We have been engaged in production of butterfly valve fore more than 10 years, we have strict quality control system, we can assure every butterfly valve we produced.

2. Direct Manufacturer
We’re one direct manufacturer

3. Exports To The World
Our goods export to more than 50 countries, and our more than 100 customers all over the world, can prove our good quality.

4. Free OEM Production

5. Short Production Time
We can complete production within 10 days.

6. In Return
When your annual purchase amount is over 50000 pcs, we’ll give you 3% of the amount in return.

7. Professional After-sale Service
We have professional after-sales service team, which consist of five people, and each has more than 3 years experience. If you have any questions after you receive the cargo, you can call us all day.

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