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AVANNTO executes In-Process Inspection from raw materials to end products with in-house laboratories.


The quality policies of AVANNTO, a global and coherent choice


Quality for AVANNTO is an integral part of the corporate strategy.

It regards the entire company, where each day is a choice.

Material Verification and Traceability

AVANNTO's in-house lab is equipped with fully calibrated equipment in accordance with international requirements for verifying chemical and physical properties of a wide variety of materials. Supplier's Material Test Report (MTR) and AVANNTO's associated test verification are maintained indefinitely for all valve pressure retaining components.
Positive Material Identification

Trained operators using certified equipment perform in-house PMI testing to verify material traceability reports and ensure specific materials are utilized for valve assemblies.
Coordinate Measurement

Electro-mechanical machines utilize touch probing methodology (and analyze data via regression algorithms to interpret raw input against comparative information) throughout the engineering and manufac